Hair Color

Redken Chromatics
Fortify your hair like
never before with
Chromatics Prismatic
Permanent Color.
Redken's breakthrough
professional formula
offers you incredible
color results. To learn
more: Click Here
Redken Color Fusion
Color Fusion is a modern,
permanent color cream
 that delivers healthy
looking multi-dimensional
haircolor. With over 100
shades in 6 categories, it
can be used to lighten,
darken & match hair color.
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Redken Color Camo
Redken's New Customized
Camo Service. Want to
blend a little gray? In just
5 minutes, you can look
years younger. Want to
blend even more gray?
You're just 10 minutes
away from increased
coverage & a younger look.
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  Redken Shades EQ
There's no limit what you
can do with Redken Shades
EQ! As the #1 long lasting,
no lift, non amonia, demi
permanent haircolor in the
U.S, Shades EQ has a full
range of mixing possibilities.
The best demi permanent
color on the market today!
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